Yes, you can save your data as a PDF or print it at any time. This way, you can record all your data in your own archive system.

Yes. If you want to keep your previously created data, we’ll convert your trial account to a regular account. Alternatively, you can also start from a ‘clean’ environment.

This can be done by ordering a regular account. To convert your account, please send an e-mail to , or use the contact form on the website.

You can try the full functionality of Trecxs for 6 weeks without obligation. If you prefer to receive an introductory training for 4 people prior to the 6-week trial, the cost is €250, Excl. VAT. To get started, send an e-mail to , or use the contact form on the website. We will contact you quickly to schedule an appointment. If you’ve chosen the Trial with training and decide to continue using Trecxs after the trial period, you will receive the amount of €250, excl. VAT as a discount (this is calculated with the license fee).

Of course! Your free, no-obligation demo can be easily done online or via an in-person meeting. The demo takes about half an hour. To arrange a demo for your company, please send an e-mail to , or use the contact form on the website.


Yes, about 4 weeks prior to the expiration date, we’ll send you the invoice for the following year. Want to cancel? Please let us know by sending an e-mail to .

After the end of a year, you can downgrade to a smaller package. Please let us know by sending an e-mail to  or fill in the form on the website.

You can always upgrade to a package with more active assignments and users in the meantime. A new year-long period will then run for the larger package and your paid license fees will be discounted. Send a mail to , or use the contact form on the website. We will contact you quickly to expand your account.

A contract has a term of one year.

We have several price plans. The functionality is the same, and the subscriptions differ in the number of active assignments. An active assignment is an assignment that is still being updated periodically, where cycles (periods) are added. If an assignment has ended, you will also close the assignment in Trecxs. These assignments are no longer active. You can still consult an inactive assignment. The price model only counts the number of active assignments.

Security and Privacy

When you end your subscription, we will lock the organization account with all data. After 30 days, we will remove your data from Trecxs. Do you want to re-activate the account or do you want us to keep your data longer? Let us know before the 30-day expiration period.

No. We use this as a standard security measure for web applications.

Your data is stored in secure data centers in Europe.

In every organisation account there is a list of trusted users (user list). You manage this list yourself. Only from this list, you can add employees to reporting teams. You can deny an employee direct access by removing it from the reporting team or blocking it on the central user list. Trecxs’s employees and consultants do not have access to your reports unless you put them on the user list and assign a role with rights.

Your data often contains confidential information about your company, organization, assignments or projects. We take confidentiality seriously. We will never make this information available to third parties unless we are required to do so by law or by a court ruling. The data is stored encrypted in secure databases. Also, the connections between Trecxs and the users are encrypted.

Are you executing a large assignment, project, contract, or sizable task? Or managing a program, department, event, or operation?

Trecxs helps to manage the complexity and progress of assignments.