Back in 2015, Arjen (Program Controller) and Edward (Project Manager) were involved in a multi-year infrastructure and mobility initiatives in the Netherlands. With a budget of 1,5 billion Euros, the project consisted of 8 large programs, each with dozens of projects (rails, bridges, aqueducts, area development, etc.) divided into hundreds of assignments. Every program was owned and managed by numerous teams representing project managers, project leaders, auditors, controllers, engineers, contractors, and officials.

Throughout the execution of this mega plan, Arjen and Edward found out that the major recurring challenge was how to track the progress and status of all those assignments consistently while allowing the assignment owners and their teams to communicate and interact on the steering of the assignments.

After many brainstorming sessions, Arjen and Edward captured the core workflow of the entire process of an assignment execution and the way to manage it. They also added two important things to support this workflow – collaboration and taking action.

Aziz followed this process from nearby, and based on his experience with Business Intelligence, he added his advice and views to the solution from the user’s perspective.

This resulted in a solution that incorporates an approach that is revolutionizing the way organizations will manage the execution of all kinds of assignments: Assignment-driven Work.

Trecxs was born from this experience with the goal of helping users solve a common challenge for any business or organization at any size.

Management Team


Arjen van Esschoten

Managing Consultant & Co-Founder

Aziz Elkardoudi

Board of Management & Co-Founder

Edward Herzog

Product Manager & Co-Founder
Jose Round

José Marchena Garcia

Business Development Manager

Development team


Olav Peuscher

Lead Developer

Jelle Oppenhuis


Nick Velthorst

Database and development

Joris Blaak

Javascript Specialist


Product Manager


Managing Consultant


Board of management



In this paper we explain the key functionalities of Trecxs and how your organisation can benefit.


In this paper we explain the key functionalities of Trecxs and how your organisation can benefit. 

Whitepaper Trecxs funcionality

In this paper we explain the key functionalities of Trecxs and how your organisation can benefit.

Case Study Municipality of Utrecht

In this paper we explain the key functionalities of Trecxs and how your organisation can benefit. 

Case Study Province of Fryslân

In this paper we explain the key functionalities of Trecxs and how your organisation can benefit. 

Arjen is a seasoned project- and program-control advisor. His main focus is empowering project stakeholders within organizations with the right quality and flow of information when executing projects. Arjen graduated as a Civil Engineer from Delft University and started his career at PRC (Arcadis) and Berenschot Osborne before he became an independent advisor/consultant.

Arjen has worked at different projects and organizations like ProRail, RWS, and the Dutch G4-municipalities.

His motto is, “If you repeat the same events and update the same spreadsheets for managing a process, you should automate it.”

With this and his knowhow, he helped to develop various software applications for budget control processes and recently co-founded Trecxs.

Arjen’s favorite activity is enjoying nature and wildlife, with his favorite destination being the northern islands of the Netherlands known as Waddeneilanden.


Aziz is a veteran in the software business with a passion for solutions that help to bring insights to individuals to optimize their business and support their decisions. While working with clients and partners in many countries, he’s developed deep expertise in the domain of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Big Data, and AI.

Aziz contributed to growing high-performance teams and scaling businesses throughout the EMEA region at different companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Qlik, Tableau.

Aziz holds an MSc. in Computer Science from the Catholic (Radboud) University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

When not working, Aziz enjoys spending time with his family. He is a fanatic traveler and passionate about running long distances, having completed challenges like the famous Marathon des Sables.

Edward is a driven and experienced project manager who has worked on projects primarily in civil engineering and ICT. When Edward is managing a project, he brings focus, direction, and decisiveness.

Throughout his career, Edward has worked on many complex and cutting-edge projects in construction and civil engineering, where he has also worked on the ICT side of most projects under his responsibilities.

This combination of experiences has allowed him to guide the fundamentals of Trecxs and focus on its development. His attention to detail and knowledge of the requirements of all stakeholders in such projects help him to develop Trecxs from the user’s perspective by focusing on what is needed in the field.

Edward is an engineer with an HBO degree in Civil Engineering. With an insatiable curiosity, he is always learning something new. He spends his free time with his wife and two sons enjoying music, film, and good food.


José joined Sales and Business Development 14 years ago. What gives him daily energy and passion from day 1 until today is creating win-win situations. From a curious, honest and commercial approach ensure that both parties benefit.

Through his broad interest José has helped companies in various industries to achieve and exceed their pre-defined commercial goals. Besides sales, José is also very interested in the human psyche. For example, he is a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

In his spare time José spends a lot of time with his newborn baby, he seeks adventure by travelling and he can stimulate his brain by playing chess for a long time.